Such excitement in CWC-land — the 2017 Literary Review has been delivered to the USPS in San Jose and is starting to show up in our members’ mailboxes! Congratulations to all of our members whose work was selected for publication and to Editor Dave LaRoche for the countless hours he poured into our annual literary magazine, as well as to Secretary Elisabeth Tuck and VP Donna McCrohan-Rosenthal for contributing their eagle eyes in proofreading.

I encourage all you branch presidents to make a big deal out of your members who were selected for publication. Give them a shout-out at your next meeting and recognition in the branch newsletter and on your website. Some 200 works were submitted and only 41 made it through the acquisitions process, so it is truly an honor to be included, a recognition of literary excellence.

Some of you may recall one of my goals was to have the magazine in the hands of our members bythe end of May, before many branches go on hiatus for the summer. Dave and his team did everything in their power to meet this commitment, but in the end, there were unavoidable delays in creating and adjusting the final press proofs. I fully support Dave in his decision not to proceed with printing until the publication was as perfect as it could be. And for those branches that ordered extra copies, the hard-working Bob Isbill will be shipping them in the next couple of days.