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The Literary Review is a juried collection of poems, stories, fiction, and nonfiction by members of the California Writers Club.  The next Literary review will be published in 2024. A date for submissions is to be determined. 

Here’s the 2022 Literary Review.

Copies of the 2022 CWC Literary Review are available on Amazon.

And here’s the 2021 Literary Review.

Launched only a few years ago, The Literary Review is on its way to establishing itself as a CWC institution — a juried collection of superior poems, stories, fiction, and nonfiction by members of the California Writers Club.

Here’s the 2021 Literary Review.

2022 California Writers Club Literary Review Submission Guidelines

The submission window for 2022 is closed.


Advertising in the Literary Review

How To Advertise in the 2020 Literary Review

The prestigious Literary Review offers advertisers an opportunity to reach hundreds of writers under one annual publication that every member of the California Writers Club receives as a perk of membership in the CWC.

That’s right. The 2020 Spring/Summer edition of the Literary Review can contain your ad! We are maintaining our low introductory rates for this upcoming issue. While these may change in future editions, we’ve gone as low as we can go to offer you and other writing-related advertisers a huge advertising opportunity at low rates. In fact, the larger the ad, the greater the discount. Everything above a 1” Column-Inch ad gets a 10% or greater discount.

Check out the ad rates on the rate sheet to see examples of space and advertising rates for this great chance to display your ad in the California Writers Club’s publication, the Literary Review.

Advertising may be submitted at any time, year-around, for the next issue as long as it is submitted prior to the deadline for the annual publication in which you want your ad placed.

Deadline for submitting your ad is March 31, 2018 for the 2018 edition.

All ads must be submitted via email to with an attached jpg file. Checks in the appropriate amounts are to be made out to CWC Central Treasury and mailed to:

HDCWC Advertising Department
20258 Hwy 18 Ste. 430 PMB 281
Apple Valley, CA 92307