Representatives from the branches of the California Writers Club met on Zoom for the annual Central Board meeting on Sunday, July 19. They reported addressing the Covid shut-downs with a wide range of very successful activities on the local level, ranging from monthly speaker events and critique groups on Zoom to contests and publishing projects and even a virtual picnic. Many remarked that the technology has opened new possibilities in terms of presenters who live too far away to travel to give a program, but will gladly do social media from their own homes.

High Desert Branch in Apple Valley created a pandemic anthology, soliciting works from CWC members statewide. They also phoned each branch member to stay in touch and keep their community of writers connected. Individually, CWC members have said they used the Covid stay-in-place restrictions to sit at their keyboards and tackle creative endeavors they previously managed to put off.

To find available cyber-gatherings, go to the Branches page on this website and click on each location.