Jack London Award Winners July, 2013

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Every other year, each CWC branch may nominate one member to receive a Jack London Award in recognition of outstanding service to the organization.

The award honors a member whose service to the CWC and/or a branch has been exemplary. The merit of the award is in the service, independent of writing accomplishments. It is not mandatory that a branch designate a recipient simply because the opportunity exists.

Branches have already selected their honorees, whose photos and service achievements appear below. The CWC president bestows the awards at the annual corporate meeting – this year on Sunday, July 21st. Watch this space for a group picture in late July.

Linda Brown  - Annis Cassells - Kimberly A. Edwards - Carol Lee Hall - Liv Elin Haugland - Laura Hoopes - Marjorie Bicknell Johnson - Bardi Rosman Koodrin -
Joyce Krieg - Margaret Luebs - Judith Marshall - Violet Carr Moore - Andrea Polk - Linda Loveland Reid - Roberta L. Smith

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Linda Brown (Berkeley Branch) joined the CWC Berkeley Branch in 2008. She hoped to polish her nonfiction writing skills after relying on professional writers during a corporate career that included stints in marketing, public affairs, and economic development.  

At the Berkeley Branch she has served as publicity chair, Central Board delegate and, most recently, president. As president, she worked with the Tech Team to expand the Berkeley Branch's use of technology and with all the board members to strengthen the branch’s business planning practices.

Always a marketeer, she promotes all levels of the club (branch, Northern California, and state organization) to the media, industry contacts, nonprofits, government officials, and education groups. 

She encouraged the CWC Central Board to join the recently-formed Friends of Joaquin Miller Park and serves as the CB’s representative. (The CWC led the campaign for the City of Oakland to buy the land when Joaquin Miller died in 1913. Later, in 1930, the CWC began planting trees to honor Miller and other California writers. That idea grew and the CWC, especially poets, provided leadership for the Woodminster Committee with the result that the entire Woodminster Area – the 2,500-seat outdoor theatre, Cascades, fountains, pool, and California Writers Memorial Grove – were dedicated to California Writers in 1941).

Currently, she is pitching her book on homeowner association problems and solutions and working with Michael Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada to expand the San Francisco Writers University. She also serves as a Neighborhood Block Captain.

Linda is a native of Missouri and earned her MBA at the University of Texas in Austin.

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Annis Cassells (Writers of Kern) - As we pursue our mission and the mission of the entire California Writers Club to foster professionalism in writing and mentor new writers, Annis has emerged as a helpful, insightful participant moving us forward in our desire to better this organization.

Annis has single-handedly taken over the position of Sunshine Committee, ensuring that each of our members – either suffering or celebrating – receives a special note, a kind word, or some extra effort on her part to let them know they are thought about by Writers of Kern. She is a cheerleader, a confidante, a special friend to all.

From the Spring Writers Workshop to the Peggy Connelly Scholarship committee, Annis finds a job to do without being asked. New members and guests will often meet Annis before anyone else, as she reaches out to strangers to make them feel welcome.

Annis is always thinking of the group – ways to improve it or how she can help further its success. She submits ideas for speakers, and she has organized two seminars for Writers of Kern members with teacher and writer Nancy Ellen Dodd. Annis is a regular attendee of the second longest-running critique group and currently participates in our Blog Challenge for members. As a writing coach and teacher, Annis has volunteered as a guest speaker and gladly shares her love of writing with us all.

If we could point to a person to represent an ideal Writers of Kern member, we would (and do) unanimously point to Annis.

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Kimberly A. Edwards  (Sacramento Branch) received the Jack London Award in recognition of her exceptional contributions over a sustained period of time. Since 2007, her many roles for the Sacramento Branch include: serving on the board of directors and the Writers Network speakers committee; serving as chair of the welcoming committee and the seminar committee; and serving as secretary and CWC NorCal representative. Her dedication, energy and ideas have benefited the club, writers and writing community.

Kim is a prolific freelance writer with an extensive number of articles and essays published in many newsstand and trade magazines and newspapers, including Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, The Times of India, International Travel News, The Sacramento Bee Sunday “Forum,” Sacramento News & Review, and Senior Spectrum. In November 2012, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) released an e-book, The Book Publishers Toolkit: 10 Practical Pointers for Independent and Self-Publishers, Volume 1, that contained only ten of their articles from the previous year, including Kim’s “Tapping into Twitter Expertise.”

Recently retired from the California Department of Education, Kim made significant contributions during her career there. She enlisted corporate sponsors, organized conferences, and coordinated award programs to honor teachers and schools. She launched a Noon Hour with a Local Author series for employees.

Kim is also a member of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association, Sacramento Press Club, and Northern California Publishers & Authors Association. Currently she is working on her novel, The Year of Black and White, inspired by events in 1960.

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Carol Lee Hall (Fremont Branch) was born and raised in Oakland, California. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and immediately began teaching at a private school. For the next several years, she taught third grade and other classes. 

Carol began freelance writing in 1999 and has written articles for local newspapers, magazines and websites. In addition, she has penned marketing brochures, newsletters, grant letters, and proposals. She belongs to three writers groups and has critiqued and edited others’ writing as part of her business. Her book, For Those Who Serve: A Devotional for Church Volunteers, was published by Baker Books in February 2004. She has spoken at various conferences and writers groups.

Carol loves fiction and has written short stories and novels. She is currently concentrating on screenplays and is actively seeking markets for five completed scripts.

Since 2009, Carol has been a charter member of Fremont Area Writers and has served the club as donation drawing coordinator and treasurer. For 2012-2013, she was in charge of the Authors’ Book Table and served as vice president and most recently, acting president.

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Liv Elin Haugland (Long Beach) - California Writers Club of Long Beach has named Liv Elin Haugland as its 2013 Jack London award recipient. To cite but a few of her major contributions: Liv's contacts with the city have led to special programs and forming a closer relationship with the nine-branch library system. She was instrumental in CWCLB’s first fundraising offsite luncheon at the historic Rancho Los Alamitos, one of the original land grant haciendas dating back to the early 1800s. The luncheon was part of “Long Beach Reads One Book” for Isabel Allende’s novel Zorro, set in early California. Liv also arranges for distribution of monthly program flyers in coffee shops around the city. She has contributed tasty refreshments enabling CWC to benefit from her years of catering experience, and hosts board meetings in her home where tastefully intriguing décor reflects Liv’s international travel. She majored in cultural anthropology at the University of Oslo, Norway, and spent many years in Asia and Europe. A published writer, she is now focusing on her ghostwriting clients. As branch vice president, Liv welcomes members and visitors during the opening minutes of monthly meetings. Her cultural insights and interpersonal skills add immeasurably to Liv’s ongoing contribution to CWC Long Beach.

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Laura Hoopes (Inland Empire), born in Virginia and raised in North Carolina, is a professor of molecular biology at Pomona College, Claremont, California. She is the author of Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling: An American Woman Becomes a DNA Scientist, an absorbing account of her quest to study the science she loved, and to balance that career with marrying and raising children, despite being told that such an occupation was reserved for men only and would preclude having a family. She has a Certificate in Creative Writing from UCLA and in May 2013 received her Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction writing from San Diego State University. Laura is the past president of the Inland Empire branch of the California Writers Club. 

For three years, Laura served as editor of Fresh Ink, the Inland Empire branch’s writing showcase. She spearheaded the move to change Fresh Ink over to an online-only publication. Additionally, she served as branch secretary for two years and president for three. Laura helped the chapter to initiate summer writing workshops and encouraged the continuation and extension of the IE CWC writing contest and writing scholarship. The contest is international and has three categories - fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The scholarship is for students in writing programs at selected universities and awards $300 to the winner. Laura expanded outreach activities to increase visibility of writing locally, such as sponsoring information tables at fairs and events and presenting a workshop for students at several local high schools. She always enjoys sharing the excitement of writing with as wide an audience as possible.

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Marjorie Bicknell Johnson (South Bay Branch) is truly a dedicated member of CWC South Bay, giving much of her time and experience; and, she would say, using what she has learned from the club offerings to help her write and publish two novels.

She served as membership chair from 2005 thru 2012, a time during which our branch membership doubled. Through two East of Eden Conferences, Marjorie has been treasurer, managing both finances and registrations. She has served on the NorCal Group’s Publishing Pathways Committee, assembling and publishing our training guide and performing as one of our branch mentors.

She has been our newsletter managing editor since July 2011, where she directs a small cadre of contributing editors and publishes a faultless 20-page edition twelve times a year. On top of all this, she runs a critique group.

No one among our 180 South Bay members today deserves this award more than Marjorie Bicknell Johnson. If we could offer two, they would both go to her.

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Bardi Rosman Koodrin (SF/Peninsula Branch) - Since 2009, Bardi Rosman Koodrin’s vision for giving writers “a presence and a voice” has resulted in the creation of a Literary Arts Stage at the San Mateo County Fair. Through her infectious enthusiasm, the fair has become a unique and valuable annual event for the San Francisco/Peninsula branch of the California Writers Club, where Bardi also serves on the board. The Stage draws in volunteer involvement from our members, gives members a place to showcase their writing and expertise, and provides publicity for our branch, attracting new members to us. Bardi implemented "events within the event" for writers to provide free workshops and presentations. Contest entrants are published in Carry the Light, a first-ever fair anthology of fiction, essay, and poetry. Multiple sponsors have stepped forward for contest prizes and a college scholarship, and contest entries have soared from a handful to almost two hundred

Bardi has a master’s degree in Art Therapy, has authored three novels, and published numerous short stories and articles. She has served as San Bruno’s Culture and Arts Commission Chair, and volunteered as a segment producer and interviewer on a San Bruno cable TV program. She received a “Local Hero Award” in 2011 for her inspiring life story of living well with chronic health issues and the Peninsula Arts Council’s 2012 Diamond Award for Special Recognition.

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Joyce Krieg (Central Coast Branch) wasn’t even a member of California Writers Club when she agreed to help the Central Coast branch with their newsletter. That was in October of 2004. Since that time, Joyce has, indeed, joined CWC and has held almost every office and committee chair at her branch: newsletter editor, membership chair, program chair, workshop chair, and treasurer.

She culminated her career with Central Coast by serving as president in 2011-2012, and continues to serve as her branch’s Central Board representative.  Joyce is also very active at the state level, currently serving as secretary to the Central Board and chair of the CWC NorCal Group, as well as being editor of the CWC Bulletin from 2006 to 2009. Joyce considers her biggest and most important CWC achievement to be rekindling awareness of our connection to Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, including the planting of Writers Memorial Grove, and the construction of the Cascades and Woodminster Amphitheater. This achievement had almost been lost in the mists of time until Joyce did her own research and brought it to the attention of the Central Board and to the general membership in The Bulletin. Thanks to her efforts, CWC now has a permanent display commemorating our centennial at the ranger station at Joaquin Miller Park.

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Margaret Luebs (East Sierra Branch) joined Ridge Writers, the East Sierra Branch of the California Writers Club, four years ago when she moved to Ridgecrest.  She immediately threw herself into our projects and programs at every level, becoming branch treasurer, staffing booths at community events, writing pieces for our branch newsletter, contributing to our anthology Planet Mojave and reviewing books for our weekly newspaper column "Ridge Writers on Books" - all while she and her husband immersed themselves in the challenge of raising two very young twin boys.

A California native and a UC Berkeley grad, Margaret left the state in 1988 to do a PhD in linguistics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She has taught technical, scientific, and business writing, and worked for many years as a technical writer/editor in Boulder, CO. Concurrently with her Ridge Writers responsibilities, Margaret served as secretary of the Ridgecrest branch of the California Turtle and Tortoise Club.

Her essays have won contests and one appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Here Comes the Bride. She and her family recently moved back to Colorado but Margaret plans to continue her Ridge Writers membership and her invaluable efforts on behalf of our branch. We look forward to her future involvement. Margaret’s talent and dedication have unfailingly benefited us and the CWC.

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Judith Marshall (Mt. Diablo Branch) -  author of Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever, began writing fiction in 1997 after a successful career in human resources. She joined the Marin branch of CWC that same year and remained a member for five years before transferring to the Mt. Diablo Branch. For the past two years, Judith has held the positions of both Northern California and State Representative. In addition, she was a member of the Publishing Pathways Committee and is a mentor for both the Mt. Diablo and Marin Branches.

Judith has supported CWC through a serious of outreach programs including an author panel entitled, “So You Want to Write a Book,” which has been presented at a number of local libraries and has resulted in increased membership. In addition, she is a frequent contributor to the branch’s Yahoo group, The Back Fence, sharing tips and trends on writing and publishing.




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Violet Carr Moore (Tri-Valley Branch) -

Tri-Valley Writers has selected Violet Carr Moore to receive the 2013 Jack London Service Award for her outstanding service to the branch.

Violet Carr Moore is the author of In the Right Place and Moments of Meditation. She has had many of her short stories and poems published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Christmas Miracles, the annual Las Positas College Anthologies and affiliated Bay Area News Groups, printed and online editions. Violet has been a National Novel in a Month (NaNoWriMo) winner for five continuous years. Two creative nonfiction short stories have been published in the Tapestries anthology and three in Voices of the Valley: First Press (December 2011), a CWC Tri-Valley Writers anthology.

Violet is a featured devotional, inspirational and Bible study writer for More to Life Ladies Ministries. She is a frequent speaker at churches and senior centers. She is co-owner of Carr Twins & Co., independent publisher, and past president of California Writers Club Tri-Valley Branch. She is a member of the Voices of the Valley anthology 2013 committee. Violet spends countless hours volunteering her time managing the Tri-Valley Writers website.

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Andrea Polk (San Fernando Branch) - The San Fernando Branch of the CaliforniaWriters Club is proud to present Andrea Polk, the “Step-Up Gal,” as the recipient of the 2013 Jack London Award.

As membership chair, Andrea has always gone that extra step. She designed and produced colorful name tags, created eye-catching PR cards for members to hand out to prospective guests and streamlined sign-in sheets at the registration table.

Wherever she sees a need she steps in. When our long-time critique group coordinator wanted to step down, Andrea not only stepped up, she jumped in tracking and placing members who wanted to join a critique group. When we had our Book Bazaar last year, Andi stepped up again. She felt it important to put up signs to guide visitors to our location on the Motion Picture Television Fund campus. But she didn’t wait for someone else to make and stake them. She did the job herself. If any board member has a concern that needs attention, Andi readily becomes a problem solver. No doubt her work history as administration supervisor in management training has much to do with this attribute. Lucky us! 

Andi’s roots in the San Fernando Valley run deep. She is currently writing a historical tome about the Valley, which has been her home since 1951.

Andi is the epitome of tact, enthusiasm and dedication. Her positive attitude and bright smile light up each meeting as she greets members and guests.

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Linda Loveland Reid (Redwood Branch) is immediate past president of Redwood Writers. Her second novel, Reunion at Dillon Beach, was published this spring; first novel, Touch of Magenta, in 2009. Linda has a BA in History and Art History from Sonoma State University where she is currently an instructor for an art history class she designed for Osher Lifelong Living Institute. Linda is a board member with the Sonoma County Literary Art Guild and Book Festival. Other activities include figurative oil painter and director of theater. Linda is semi-retired from a family insurance business that she founded. In 2010, Linda was honored, along with ten other women from Sonoma County, for her dedication to community service.

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Roberta L. Smith (High Desert Branch) joined the High Desert Branch in July of 2008 and immediately became an active member. In 2009 she became a member of the board, a responsibility that continued to July of 2013. She has served the club at various times as a critique co-chair, membership chair, and as vice president. She is currently the club’s webmaster.  

Roberta has hosted critique groups and board meetings in her home. She started the ad program in the club's newsletter. She wrote and presented "Self-Publishing Your Book - Without the Big Bucks". This presentation helped several people publish their work.

Roberta contributed three stories to the club's 2011 Howling at the Moon anthology. In 2012, she acted as co-editor for the club's second anthology, Desert Gold. She designed the cover for Desert Gold, created it and formatted the book. She worked with a self-publishing company to get it published, and this saved the club several hundred dollars.

Roberta is a team player and although her time on the board has come to an end, continues to serve her club whenever she can. 

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Linda Brown  - Annis Cassells - Kimberly A. Edwards - Carol Lee Hall - Liv Elin Haugland - Laura Hoopes - Marjorie Bicknell Johnson - Bardi Rosman Koodrin - Joyce Krieg - Margaret Luebs - Judith Marshall - Violet Carr Moore - Andrea Polk - Linda Loveland Reid - Roberta L. Smith

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Jack London Award Winners July 31, 2011

At the July 31 meeting of the central board, members of the California
Writers Club were honored with the Jack London Service Award for 2011. They
are: (left to right) Tanya Egan Gibson, Marin; Margie Yee Webb, Sacramento;
David George, Mt. Diablo; Lani Longshore, Tri-Valley; Sharon Herdina, Inland
Empire; Harold Grice, Central Coast; Myrla Reymondo, Fremont; Dana Martin,
Writers of Kern; Ray Malus, San Fernando; Carol Warren, High Desert; Richard
Amyx, South Bay; David Baker, Berkeley; Kathryn Atkins, Long Beach; Ann
Foster, Peninsula; (not shown) Linda McCabe, Redwood.

-Photo by Casey Wilson, East Sierra Branch, CWC


The California Writers Club (CWC) announced 15 recipients of its prestigious Jack London Award at the biennial Jack London Awards Luncheon on July 31, 2011 in Oakland, CA. These honors, established in 1973, recognize dedication “above and beyond” to the organization. The governing body of the CWC presents them to exceptional members nominated by their branch peers.

Keynote speaker Susan Snyder, head of public service at The Bancroft Library at the University of California and author of “Beyond Words, 200 Years of Illustrated Diaries” just released by Heyday Books, discussed the Bancroft’s collection of CWC documents. Her comments on club history and heritage gave added context to the contributions of the 2011 awardees.

California Writers Club president Robert Garfinkle and Jack London Awards chair Nancy Curteman conducted the ceremony, acknowledging the following recipients:

Dick Amyx - Kathryn Atkins - David Baker - Ann Foster - Tanya Egan Gibson - Harold Grice - David George - Sharon Herdina
 - Lani Longshore - Ray Malus - Dana Martin - Linda McCabe - Myra Raymundo - Carol Warren - Margie Yee Webb

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Dick Amyx.  South Bay Writers wholeheartedly nominates Dick Amyx as our 2011 Jack London Award winner. As we “sail on” pursuing our mission, Dick has been a stalwart, insightful participant in moving us forward.

Dick led our Anthology team, overseeing and directing efforts that culminated in the branch’s first anthology. Who Are Our Friends?, published in our centennial year, was a big effort and all of us cheer, “very well done.”

For three years he served on our Board of Directors, a smart man with a prudent approach—pointing out the blind spots, otherwise eluding us, and assisting in avoiding the downside results. When he saw an inequity, financial risk or better opportunity, he announced it and with aplomb he argued his point. At the same time Dick was collaborative, engaging and a practical force, urging with reason the upside that has brought us success.

When asked, Dick easily stepped into one of the most important roles a branch has—that of newsletter editor. From October 2007 through October 2010, he maintained a team, saw to the schedule, motivated his contributors and produced a newsletter the branch was quite proud of, and WritersTalk for three years, reflected the best of our branch. He continued an outreach and grew contributions with various techniques including theme issues and the semiannual “Challenge.” A twenty-page issue was usual, with a majority of content submitted by non-editing members.

During our run at the 2010 EoE Writers Conference, Dick served as kibitzer on our committee. He helped us organize, suggested process, and advised with regard to publicity; and as we barreled headlong into the State’s economic recession, unemployment of over 12%, he helped put on the brakes, was hard on the pedal and saved the branch good bit of money, not to mention a load of credibility.

South Bay Writers is proud to nominate Dick Amyx this year, for the California Writers Club prestigious Jack London Award.

Anthology team leader
EOE Kibitzer
Active Board member
Prudent look
Collaborative/ practical/ engaged
Often saw blind spots in decisions and pointed out unexpected consequences
Three year editor
     Outstanding copy, well edited and proofed
Broad reach, encouraged and received member submissions
Covered events
WT Challenge

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Kathryn Atkins.  Jack London winner Kathryn Atkins brings energy and creativity, along with an outgoing personality and strong background in marketing, to every task when working on behalf of CWC Long Beach. In her role as vice president, membership chair, and newsletter editor of Currents, her tireless effort has enabled the branch to begin, survive and thrive. Kathryn, whose poem "Piano Hands" was chosen for West Winds Centennial, describes herself this way: "I’m a late bloomer. Not exactly a Grandma Moses late, but late. I started writing seriously at age 53 when I took a UCI extension class and then a writing workshop. Having collected a BS in Marketing and an MBA both from Cal Berkeley back in my twenties, I had starved my muse for many years. The professional writing corner turned for me when I took the writing books’ advice to heart, studied a few of our local rags, and pitched the editors...just like they said to do, and voilà. I penned a column in the Orange County Register for a year and a half until the section I wrote for folded. A few more articles for business magazines eventually landed me not only the consulting job I have today, which includes gobs of writing, but also, I’m certain, the teaching gig I had at Cypress College last fall. It all counts. In sum, business is my game, writing is my aim, and I’ve happily blended the two with my current job. Another positive is that I get to give back to our writing community through my work with California Writers Club. How lucky can I be?

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David Baker.  During the mid-1980s, after receiving an MA from San Francisco State, David co-authored two U.S. History textbooks for eighth-graders, one published by Addison-Wesley, the other by Globe-Fearon. He then went to live in Japan, where he had been an undergraduate, and worked as a contributing editor and translator at a bi-monthly magazine read mostly by high-school students learning English. In his spare time, he wrote The Obligation, a suspense novel he is now rewriting.

David returned to the Bay Area in 1998 and joined CWC-Berkeley. His articles introducing monthly-meeting speakers have appeared in Write Angles, the branch’s newsletter, since January, 2002. For the past seven years, he has also led the branch’s Critique/Support Group, whose members were helpful when he wrote Soldiers of the Covenant, a second suspense novel, in which a skeptic and an evangelical confront an underground militia preparing for the end of days. The manuscript is currently being evaluated by two agents and one editor.

When David isn’t writing, he joins his wife Koko for hikes in the Sierra or for treks—to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal, around Mont Blanc, up the West Highland Way in Scotland. He has discovered over the years that problem sentences depriving him of sleep improve along the trail.

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Ann Foster is the 2011 CWC San Francisco/Peninsula branch’s recipient of the Jack London Award for her generous service to the club. Ann joined CWC in 2007. She has worked tirelessly, usually wearing several hats. Her contributions are too numerous to list entirely, but Ann has served multiple terms as treasurer. She has been the branch’s representative to the Central Board. When no one else could take over membership chair duties, Ann stepped up. She has run meetings when the president and vice president were unavailable. She has judged writing contests.

Ann was born in La Marque, Texas. As a teenager, Ann moved with her parents and two brothers to Fort Worth. She earned a B.A. in English at the University of Texas, Arlington.

Ann is passionate about chocolate to the point that she makes her own chocolate syrup. She likes wildflower walks. She loves a good book but prefers (usually) her husband, Bruce. They both like traveling and visiting museums. And as many club members know already, Ann very much enjoys horseback riding.

In her day job, Ann teaches adults reentering the workforce.

On top of all this, Ann is a gifted writer. She writes fiction and narrative non-fiction.
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Tanya Egan Gibson.  A charter member of Marin branch, Tanya exemplifies the phrase, “hard working volunteer.” She has served on the Marin branch board in a variety of capacities but her forte has been her job as Program Chair, bringing notable speakers to Marin branch meetings from all over the Bay Area. Wherever she goes, she promotes the branch and California Writers Club. She is also our networking guru, giving freely of her time and expertise, helping individuals and participating in branch workshops. She stimulates Marin branch members with great ideas, a positive attitude and an energetic look at the creative process of writing and the dynamics of networking.

A best selling author and busy mom, Tanya always seems to find the time to help, whether it’s a phone/email consultation, posting on our Facebook page, or mentoring members.

Marin branch is honored to have Tanya Egan Gibson as a member and as our 2011 Jack London Award recipient.

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Harold Grice is one of those hard-working and generous volunteers who is always there when CentralCoast Writers needs him the most. He served two terms as president of the branch, and then graciously agreed to come back as vice-president when no one else would take the job. He has single-handedly revived Central Coast’s tradition of Saturday workshops, providing an income stream and source of new members, as well as carrying out our educational mission. Whether it’s presiding over the barbecue at our summer picnic or donating his own private-label wine for our Christmas potluck,  Harold is always ready to step in and help where needed. Harold is working on a
memoir of his boyhood on a ranch near Arroyo Grande and runs a critique group. In his “other life,” Harold is the owner of Grice Engineering and Geology, a proud Marine Corps veteran, and the devoted husband to Ramona. Harold has already penned his epitaph: “Here lies Harold E. Grice/What he did was very nice/While he was having all this fun/He left his better works undone.”

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David George is the CWC Mt. Diablo Branch Jack London award winner for 2011.

David George is a recent Mt. Diablo Branch Past-President of the California Writers Club and is serving his third year as Vice President of the State CWC Organization. He has also served on the board and as an officer of the CWC Berkeley Branch. In various branch-and state-level capacities, David has continuously served the CWC since 2004, including as Branch Representative, NorCal Group representative, Vice President, and President, and as a State CWC Director, Vice President, State Membership Chair, Acting President, Central Board Online Forum Moderator, and a member of nearly every Central Board sub-committee.


David has written over 50 short stories and poems and has been published in creative writing venues and newspapers. Mr. George's short stories have won awards, including Best Short Story, Jack London Writing Contest. One of his modern-day fables about the natural world, "The Acorn" was selected for inclusion in the "CWC Westwinds Centennial" anthology. A novel exploring his Irish family roots is in progress.

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Sharon Herdina.  The Inland Empire executive board was unanimous in its nomination of Sharon Herdina for the 2010 Jack London Award. A member since 2006, Sharon has served as historian, as chair of the scholarship committee, and most recently as Programs chair. Sharon has done a yeoman job in every capacity, working tirelessly in service to the branch. Last year she put together a wonderful program of speakers for our meetings. She also helped coordinate additional activities such as our very successful Writing Day and our holiday gift-wrapping event at Borders.

Sharon studied speech pathology at Illinois State University and Cal State L.A. Although she is semi-retired, her services are still sought after at respected institutions such as Casa Colina, and she has many appreciative students.

For many years Sharon has written poetry for special occasions for family and friends. Another of her specialties is the memoir, which features coming-of-age pieces about life in the Midwest. In addition to her delightful poetry and her warm smile, Sharon always brings something special to the table at our CWC functions—her fabulous desserts!

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Lani Longshore, a founding member of the CWC Tri-Valley Branch, has been a vibrant and vital part of the branch since its charter in 2006. She has continuously been on the board, first serving as secretary and then as treasurer, even though she’s the first to admit that she hates to balance her checkbook. The following year she was a dynamic president who brought humor and snippets about writing to every meeting. Lani chairs the anthology committee and maintains the website. Her endless enthusiasm for the branch and the welfare of its members is like an everlasting beacon of light.

In her personal life, Lani has been a quilter for over twenty years. She writes quilting musical comedy, sings and dances as part of the two-person Broken Dishes Repertory Theater, and is writing a science fiction novel – Death by Chenille – about quilters saving the world. Her endless desire to share her quilting knowledge with others takes her to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin twice a month to teach quilting to inmates. When she isn’t writing or quilting, you can find Lani practicing karate . Watch out, she’s a third-degree black belt!

It is with much appreciation and our sincere thanks that the CWC Tri-Valley Branch recognizes Lani Longshore for her outstanding service to the branch and presents her with the Jack London Award for exemplary service.

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Ray Malus was raised and educated in New York City. He ‘dropped out’ of his college junior year, hit the road with a traveling band, and became a variety performer. He settled in the San Fernando Valley in 1970.

Malus has had careers as a nightclub entertainer, computer systems administrator, university course chair, software designer/programmer, choral conductor, composer, actor, director — and, now, writer.

“I just followed my curiosity,” he says. “I never chased money — just went where my interest called me. Somehow the bills got paid.”
Primarily a playwright (he’s had seven produced), Malus also writes novels, poetry, short stories, memoirs and essays.

“I love to write and I’ll write anything I think people will read.”

For the past two years, Malus has been the San Fernando Valley Branch’s newsletter editor, its webmaster, and its pre-session leader. In addition, he was a member of the team that managed the Branch’s reinstatement several years ago.

Asked to comment on the award, he says, “I can’t minimize my contributions without diminishing the award itself, so I’ll just say, ‘Sincere thanks.’”

His advice to other writers?

“Always be truthful. And always write as though you’ll be read by someone you want to seduce.”

Stephanie Sharf summed up Ray’s contributions to their branch this way: "Ray is our pre-session leader at each meeting, Scribe editor, and webmaster. In addition, he was a member of the team that put our branch "back together" a couple years ago, and he arranged for our current meeting place at the Church. Personally, I can’t think of anyone more dedicated to the branch than Ray is, as evidenced by the time he puts in to help."

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Dana Martin.  Writers of Kern is recommending Dana Martin as our nominee for the 2011 Jack London Award.  As President, Dana has worked tirelessly to grow the size and skill of our club.  In addition to utilizing traditional methods of recruitment, Dana has spearheaded efforts to use social media sites to publicize our club and bring together a very talented, diverse group of writers.  The results have been dramatic – meetings once sparsely attended are now overflowing with writers.  New critique groups are regularly forming as existing groups become full. 

More importantly, Dana has made it her mission to push every writer to their fullest potential.  Through her formal duties as facilitator of our monthly meetings, as well as more informal efforts (such as e-mails, text messaging, etc.), Dana relentlessly encourages each member of our club to improve their craft and set aside the time necessary to develop it.  The result – more writers are finishing and submitting projects, and more writers are getting published.

Outside of her Writers of Kern duties, Dana Martin is an award-winning writer and editor. She has been published four times in Chicken Soup for the Soul, several times in Woman's World Magazine, 60+ articles for a local citizen journalism publication, and is a regular contributor to Bakersfield Life Magazine.  She also spends free time speaking to local groups on writing as a career and to elementary schools about going to college to become a writer.

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Linda C. McCabe received a master’s degree as an historian of science from Sonoma State University, and loves to travel. To aid in the research of the writing of her epic historic fantasy set in the time of Charlemagne, she spent a month in France scouring museums in Paris and trekking through medieval hilltop villages in the Midi-Pyrenees.

She has been a member of the California Writers Club for more than a decade and was on the RW Board for 7 years during which she served as Treasurer, Membership Chair, Vice President for 2 years, and President for 2 years. She has served as Speaker Coordinator for a total of 5 years and holds that position currently. 

Her first novel, Quest of the Warrior Maid is scheduled to be published in Spring 2011 from Destrier Books. She has had opinion/editorials published in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the Los Angeles Times and essays published in several of the Redwood Writers' Vintage Voices anthologies as well as the Centennial Edition of the California Writers Club Anthology West Winds.

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Myrla Raymundo is a Charter Member and Secretary of the Fremont Area Writers Club. She is in charge of the smooth operation of the Board Meetings and the General Membership Meetings. She prepares agendas and minutes, handles incoming and outgoing correspondence and maintains the administrative files.

She is the Founder/CEO of the Union City Historical Museum, President of the Friends of the Union City Library; Founder/President of the Filipino-American Association of Alameda County, and Site Coordinator. Community Ambassador Program for seniors. She is a writer/editor of numerous newsletters and is a columnist of the Tri-City Voice Newspaper. She is the author of the books “Union City Through the Years” and “Union City Oral History.”

She served as Union City’s Planning Commissioner, Sister City Commissioner and Arts Councilmember. She served in Alameda County as Social Service Commissioner, President of the Mental Health Board and Public Health Commissioner. She served in the Diocese of Oakland Cursillo Movement as Lay Director and Dean of School of Leaders. She was a Television Talk Show Host in Pacific Cable.

She is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) in the Toastmasters International and held the positions of Area Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the district.


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Carol Warren has been a HD CWC member since 2005.  She is a retired Registered Nurse, who completed almost forty years of service in the field, the last thirteen being spent as a hospice nurse.

Carol was born in Maywood, Illinois, and married Bill Warren, a member of the United States Air Force, in 1964.  They have resided in California off and on since 1968.  The Warrens have two grown children, three grandchildren and two (twins) great-grandchildren.
Carol Warren is an accomplished  volunteer,  and still finds time to do work for the hospice organization.

Carol served one year as HD CWC secretary, and for two years, 2008-2010, as president.  She led the first of our critique groups that formed in 2009, and has been club hostess, membership chairman, greeter, and all-around enthusiast for the High Desert Branch.  Carol Warren, with her positive, friendly personality, is hugely responsible for so much of the growth of our CWC branch.

The selection of Carol for our Jack London recipient for 2011 is due to her dedication and hard work on behalf of our members.
Carol is currently our SoCal Rep as well as State Representative, and holds the office of Central Board Secretary. 

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Margie Yee Webb joined the California Writers Club in 2006 while working on a book inspired by her cat Mulan. Months later she accepted the nomination for Sacramento branch president, wanting an opportunity to help the club and build her platform.
Margie served as president (2007-2011), Central Board Representative, Member-at-Large (2008-2010), and NorCal Representative.
She is proud of the successes during her tenure, especially with public relations, open mic, and community events. One of this year’s highlights: the branch participated with the Sacramento Public Library in the Sacramento County Fair. The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Magazine, and Sacramento Press wrote about the club (http://www.cwcsacramentowriters.org/news/cwc-sacto/).
In March 2011, Margie published Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life, a gift book for cat lovers and their finicky friends! On July 4, the Sacramento Bee wrote: “The El Dorado Hills writer-photographer imparts words of wisdom, accented with pictures of her rescue cat.” She donates a portion of sales to animal welfare organizations.
Honored to receive the Jack London Award, Margie plans to continue her work to spotlight the club and members through community events and affiliations with Northern California Publishers & Authors and Women’s National Book Association–San Francisco Chapter.

Margie is a member of the Cat Writers' Association since July 2011.

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