Fearless Literary Services:

Book Shaping, Editing, and Publishing Services

Writing for yourself, your friends, and family is a valuable pursuit. Even practiced as a private hobby, writing sharpens insights, refines the intellect, and even plumbs the soul. But it is not the same as writing for the market, in which other challenges are added to the mix — primarily the need to connect with many readers whom you’ve never met. Then the question “What do I want to say?” has to be balanced with the questions “What do I have to say that can benefit the greatest possible number of readers?” and “How can I shape my writing to reach them?”

The most obvious answer to the last question is “editing,” but most unpublished writers don’t necessarily need to have their book manuscripts edited line-by-line — not as a first step, anyway. At Fearless Literary Services, we have seen too many clients show up with unpublishable manuscripts on which they’ve already spent several thousand dollars on professional, page-by-page line edits. But because most line editors are not publishers with extensive experience in shaping books, they haven’t looked at the manuscript as a whole to determine whether the fundamentals of an effective book are present. This is important, because often the first draft of a book needs to be significantly shortened or rearranged before line-editing is undertaken. This is usually work that’s best done by the author with expert guidance.

Fearless Literary Services, founded and managed by Fearless Books founder D. Patrick Miller, provides a full range of publishing services to writers, from initial manuscript assessments, to comprehensive, late-stage line-editing, to the design, production, and marketing of both print and digital books in our Assisted Publishing program. Founded in 1997 by Miller after he became dissatisfied with how his first three books were handled by major New York houses (see www.fearlessbooks.com/Defending.pdf) FLS has always had a strong commitment to the development of top-quality books from independent voices. We’ve provided editorial services to many unpublished writers as well as major publishers including Doubleday, Crown, Simon & Schuster, Wiley, and Hay House, and we’ve also worked with a number of literary agents to help them shape their clients’ work for the market. For the full range of our professional services, see www.fearlessbooks.com/Literary.html.

In a special arrangement with the California Writers Club, Fearless Literary Services is now offering CWC members a 10% discount on the full range of our editorial and publishing services. This discount can represent hundreds of dollars saved on a full Assisted Publishing project or a long-term coaching arrangement. Unlike the services of large print-on-demand firms such as iUniverse or CreateSpace, all our working relationships are highly customized. Clients work directly with publisher D. Patrick Miller and/or Senior Editor Sari Friedman, an award-winning author and editor who earned her MFA at Columbia University. (Both FLS principals have spoken at CWC chapters in the SF Bay area and Napa, and are available for CWC meetings statewide.) We handle only a few jobs at a time to maximize the quality of attention given to each one, and we are always focused on bringing forth the greatest potential of new writers’ work. Write to us at info@fearlessbooks.com with a description of your writing project and confirm your CWC membership for the affiliate discount.