Branch Events & Contests

In addition to our monthly meetings, CWC branches sponsor special events, conferences, workshops, and contests to help writers of all levels improve their craft.Note: Please read our Event Policies found on the bottom of this page, prior to submitting your event.











Web Posting and Link Policies

Events and Contests listed on this page must be:

  • sponsored by a branch of California Writers Club
  • sponsored by writing organizations in which CWC members are active
  • sponsored by legitimate writing organizations that are recognized or sponsored by accredited educational institutions, the CWC, or professional writing organizations.

We will provide reciprocal links to:

  • California Writers Club branches
  • free, writing-related resources that are of a professional quality.
  • publishing resources that do not charge reading fees, that pay authors upon publication, and that are legitimate online or print publications. The legitimacy of publications are based on the source of the information, such as trade-publication notices requesting stories, or publications in which CWC members are involved.