Advertising in the Bulletin

Want to increase your visibility? Sell your service? Promote your book? Increase speaker engagements? Pump up your web traffic? Or just send a greeting?

Each issue of The Bulletin — published three times a year — reaches close to 2,000 published and aspiring writers, in 21 branches throughout the state. AND it is published also on the CWC website!

Now we are accepting writing-related advertising from businesses, CWC members, and individuals who wish to reach our target market at reasonable prices.

Five tiers of ads are being offered:

  • Business card size (2” x 3.5”) ads for $35. These will appear in the index section of The Bulletin. 
  • Index card size (3’ x 5”) ads for $60. These will be interspersed throughout The Bulletin as appropriate.
  • 5″ x 7″ size ads for $90 placed at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief
  • 5” x 7”  Special “Display Ad” featuring your photo, your bio and book cover.  Just $90 (Watch our brief video for examples.)

All of the above can be paid for by check as described below, or by PayPal (below).

We will make available one and one only full page vertical ad (7″ x 10″) for $200. First come, first served, and for that reason, arrangement for this ad must be made by check and submitted by postal mail and by email as described below. Advertisers whose ads are received by mail too late to qualify will be notified of their option to buy a 5×7 or smaller ad and their checks will be returned.

All ads submitted must be self-edited, print-ready, and will be published as received.  We reserve the right to decline material deemed inappropriate at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief.

All ads must be emailed as a jpg file to

A physical copy of your ad must be enclosed with the postal mailed payment. Please include your return address, email address, and telephone contact number.

Deadline for advertising submissions are as follows:

Deadline February 28 for the March publication; deadline July 28 for the August publication, and October 28 for the November issue.

Capacity for advertising will be determined by the Editor-in-Chief. In case we receive more ads than can be accommodated, advertisers will be notified of the option to reserve space in the next issue.

Space is limited, and appropriate ads will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. A copy of The Bulletin will be emailed to advertisers upon publication. Please include your preferred email address along with your ad submission. Questions? Call Bob Isbill at (760) 221-6367.

Checks or money orders for submitted ads must be made payable to CWC Central Treasury and mailed to:

The Bulletin Marketing Department
20258 Hwy 18 STE 430 PMB 281
Apple Valley, CA 92307


  • Please double-check to be sure you have followed directions closely.
  • Design your ad. You can scan it to a jpeg file and send it to
  • Then place the hard copy of your ad in an envelope addressed to the Marketing Department. It is okay to fold the copy if you need to do so.
  • Enclose your check made payable to CWC Central Treasury or pay by PayPal. If you paid by PayPal, please state the amount in your envelope.
  • Either way you pay, we MUST have the hard copy mailed to us along with your email address and phone contact, and please confirm the size of your ad.  (Size isn’t indicated on the scanned copy.)
  • Full page ads purchased by mail only.

For samples of our CWC advertising, see our brief video below.


Pay by PayPal